About Lucille


My name is Lucille Cassidy and I am the founder of Sandhill House. Donegal holds a special place in my heart. As a family we have been very lucky to have spent many happy holidays in Dunfanaghy over the past twenty years. It feels like a second home to me and so I am very excited to share the beauty and magic of this area with others as they retreat to the sanctuary of Sandhill House.

My personal journey with movement began as a Physiotherapist in 1991, using movement to help others to rehabilitate from injury and illness. I began to teach Pilates in 2004, and the movement journey continued on to also teaching yoga in 2011. More recently I have completed my Qoya Teacher Training qualification and have become a facilitator in Yoga Nidra Meditation. My experience has been that as I breathe and connect through movement along with stillness and meditation, I can balance my energy, soothe my nervous system and re-connect with my inner wisdom and intuition. I invite you to see if this is true for you.

This deeper connection can affect our sense of health and well being in a positive way, on many levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

what i offer

Through breath centred and embodied movement, I have personally experienced the deeper connection that can occur between the mind and the body as a result of moving in this way. This deeper connection can affect our sense of health and well being in a positive way, on many levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I teach Pilates, Yoga and Yoga Nidra meditation classes for men and women.

I also love to share Qoya and my signature Breathe Move Connect classes specifically with women; using both movement and rest as medicine to help them to connect with themselves on a deeper level as they navigate their way through daily life in a culture that expects them to not only do more, but faster and better.

Having worked with people living with cancer since 2009, I also enjoy sharing the benefits of movement with people as they navigate their way on their journey living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis.

You can view a full list of my qualifications by clicking here.

What my clients say

“I attended Lucille’s Qoya class initially with a sense of apprehension, but left feeling incredible. Lucille is an excellent teacher, calm, clear and she makes you feel safe and supported. Qoya takes you on an emotional journey through a series of guided movements and also free movement. I leave Lucille’s classes with a real sense of clarity and positive spirit.”


“Approximately ten years ago I was introduced to this new word "Pilates". Lucille took us through the basics. Very soon we were all addicted to Pilates. Having been taught the principles of Pilates properly, I can now adapt the core exercises to lots of my daily activities and workout routines. I would recommend Lucilles classes and teaching skills/ style to anyone interested in learning Pilates and looking after themselves as a rule for life.”



“Attending Lucille’s Pilates classes on Monday mornings both loosened me up and woke me up for the week ahead. I consider that the breathing techniques practised in Pilates have contributed to a reduced use of inhalers for my asthma condition.”


“For seven years I had the pleasure of attending Lucille's Pilates classes. Thanks to her supportive teaching skills, my core strength, flexibility and posture improved rapidly. An outstanding, passionate teacher whom I would recommend to anyone.”

J Dean (Pilates and yoga enthusiast)


“Lucille is sensitive and nurturing in her qoya classes. She invites mindful and free movement without self consciousness. She created a safe space to be honest open and authentic. I felt it relieved tension and felt liberated.”

Siobhan Donnelly

“Such wonderful positive classes which I found very beneficial for both my body and mind. Lucille has a lovey way with her clients, ensuring everyone is relaxed and understands what’s going on. She is such a warm and friendly tutor who is so knowledgeable on the subject of Qoya.”

Jo Myles