living with cancer


Sandhill House is owned by Lucille Cassidy, a physiotherapist turned yoga, qoya and pilates teacher who worked for many years in the Mac Millian Center where she specialised in working with people living with cancer. A specialist retreat can be arranged here at Sandhill House where a group of people can enjoy sharing the benefits of movement and focus entirely on their own needs and their healing journey of living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis.

Research has shown that physical activity is safe and possible during cancer treatment and beyond a cancer diagnosis. It can improve how well you function physically and your quality of life. Too much rest can lead to loss of body function, muscle weakness and a reduced sense of wellbeing. Recent research also suggests that physically active people living with cancer have a lower risk of cancer recurrence.

Ways regular exercise may help you during cancer treatment and beyond

Helps reduce cancer-related fatigue

Reduces the side-effects of treatments

Improves strength, mobility, co-ordination and balance

Increases energy levels

Eases stress and anxiety

Improves sense of well-being and quality of life

Improves quality of sleep

Keeps the body active and moving

cancer and fatigue – When you feel too tired to exercise

Tiredness and weakness are finally being recognised as one of the most common side effects from cancer treatment. This tiredness does not get better with rest. For many, fatigue is severe and limits their activity. But inactivity leads to muscle wasting and loss of function. Being physically active can help break this cycle.


All Exercises Will Be

Modified if experiencing any side-effects from surgery or treatments

Specific to individual needs

Performed in a safe and controlled manner

Ultimately, as you begin to breathe and move mindfully and connect with your body, your sense of health and well being will begin to improve on many levels as you navigate your journey of living with and beyond your cancer diagnosis.


Sinead McGreevy

“I attended Pilates classes with Lucille after my cancer surgery and treatment in 2014 and then again after a second diagnosis and surgery in 2016.  I've always looked forward to all her of her classes. She is a very professional instructor, who makes you feel at ease while encouraging you to your full potential at all levels. Her class is very relaxing, yet feel like you're improving your body and mind after each session. Highly recommended!”


“I loved Lucille’s Pilates classes at Mac Millan. She was very caring and understood the needs of people recovering from cancer. “

Majella Woods

“I felt ‘safe’ in Lucille’s classes. What better combination than a physiotherapist, yoga and Pilates teacher coupled with an intuition that understands the ‘whole’ person, to nurture people who have had an encounter with cancer.”